What is a WAV?

A WAV, Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (in most cases a mini-van), that has been re-manufactured to offer unparalleled ease of access for wheelchair and scooter users. The floor has been substantially lowered and the van is equipped with a ramp for easy entry and exit. A kneeling system lowers the rear suspension, decreasing the angle of the ramp even further when deployed. In addition, both front seats are removable, allowing wheelchair users to drive or ride in the front passenger position.

Is financing available?

Yes. In financing is available through Braun Finance. banking institutions, military benefits or government agencies.  Rates and Terms are subject to credit approval.

Is there any trade-in value?

Yes. Although most customers keep their vehicles much longer than the average driver because of BraunAbility's outstanding reliability, when you are ready for a new vehicle, Heartland Mobility will do a complimentary overview of the van and evaluate the trade-in value.

Where will I get my van serviced?

When you need to have your van serviced, Heartland Mobility can perform your service.

Should an emergency arise while you are traveling, please call our office and we will help you locate the nearest BraunAbility Dealer to assist your needs. 

Is a Full-Size Van, Mini Van, SUV or Truck best for me?

All Braun wheelchair vehicles offer plenty of headroom and interior space. The mini-vans have proven to be very popular with consumers while the MXV SUV is new and different from the traditional van. We offer a complete demonstration of any vehicle to best determine your needs. Your overall height may be the determining factor for your decision.

If I purchased my mobility equipment from another dealer, do you perform warranty service on equipment or vehicles that were not purchased from you?

Yes, we can perform service on most makes and models with an appointment. Please contact us before you come in to ensure the work will be covered under a manufacturer warranty.